Medical Services

Joi of Housecalls Integrative Health & Wellness offers many services ranging from Diabetes Management, Weight Release Programs, Nutrition CounselingMedical Marijuana Certs/Recert, B12 Injections, Flu & Covid-19 vaccines,

HouseCalls, Telehealth, Retail Visits, & Courtesy Prescription Refill service

Where CARE feels Like HOME!!

Dermatology Consultation

Diabetes/Prediabetes & Metabolic Disorder MGMT

Our Advanced Practice Nurses will work with you to get your diabetes, pre-diabetes or metabolic disorder under control

 Weight-Release/Full Body Detox Programs

Our Integrative Nurse Practitioner Can Help you meet your weighloss goals, naturally or with the help of a Prescription. We help you meet your goals to allow you to have a better quality of Life!

Retail Care Visit/Medication Refill Service

We treat Sinus infections, Minor cuts, scraps and burns, Cold/Cough & Flu, UTI's, sore throat, bronchitis, Pink Eye, Headaches, STIs

In between Providers or can't reach your provider and need your medication refilled? We can help you!!

We Meet You Where you are

No matter where you are in your life with your health needs, Our Advanced Practice Nurses can help support the WHOLE YOU, with you as the captain of your health ship

Medical Cannabis Evaluations

We can help you get approved for your Medical Cannabis Card if you are struggling with chronic pain, opioid addiction, PTSD, Rheumatoid Arthritis,  and other illnesses!!

Functional Nutrition Consulting & Nutritional Screening

Our Clients can reach a higher self of well being through supplemental and plant based nutrition. Our Providers can help you get to root causes of gut issues and more!